Server down, but still working on it

Our old server finally broke down beyond reparation and we need a complete re-installation. The BOINC version we had was very old and not compatible with the one currently available, so we are working on manually recovering all the data and import it into a fresh server. This is taking time, and in the meanwhile only the WordPress front end (this blog) is working, but the project data are safet. We will keep you informed of the outcome.

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More Neurona@Home workload expected

We are in the process of preparing a new large scale batch of work units of Neurona@Home in order to explore another excitation/inhibition probability ranges in order to better fit the region where the brain activity is produced.

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Server update ongoing

We are in the process of updating our server software. The project’s web pages will be not available during the next few weeks.

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Neurona@Home finishes calculations for now

Dear volunteers, today all WUs have been processed. There is time to analyse the results. Thanks for your support. The last batch was far to be easy to handle with its awful 10GB RAM requirements but your performance was outstanding. When new plans for Neurona@Home are available, they will be announced here.

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Neurona@Home continues with the hard work

We just processed all WUs from current batch. Congratulations and thanks you all. These WUs required not much RAM (about 2.2 GB each). However, once this has been done, we are moving to more demanding WUs, of about 10GB RAM or more. Time for real hardcore computing. Check your host before joining!

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Neurona@Home presented in seminar

This project has been presented in the

“12th Granada Seminar for Physics, Computation, and the Mind” (

A summary of the speaking is available here

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First Phase IV Neurona@Home results

Looks like some of the WUs we are computing in this phase are able to sustain the neuronal activity during all the test period.

Here we have the results of a WU (problema 20557902) where the average connectivity is k=300, the average transition time from resting to firing is 10 and the transition time from refractory to standby is 3 discrete steps.

In the following WU (problema 20540903) the transition time from refractory to resting is of 2 steps and the other parameters are the same as the former figure:

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Falúa projects now working

During a server update something went wrong and as a result our database became corrupted, preventing to run not only Neurona@Home but our entire BOINC server.

Things became worse when we realised that our backup script contained a bug, and that our last valid database copy was done on November 2011. The problem was not the lose of some WUs, but the data regarding all users created since then, as well as the credit information.

We have spent a ton of hours and sleepless nights working to recover the corrupted database, and finally, and thanks to the invaluable help of a DDBB expert from, that is one of our project supporters (thanks, Mr. Poveda!), we recovered all the information.

Lessons learned, we have improved our backup system and now are much more aware of what and what not to do with our server without the appropriate technical support.

So, dear volunteers, computation is on the road again. Ensure that you are able to log in and that your account information is OK, but I hope no issues should arise.



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Falua server out of order until end of Eastern

Our BOINC server suffered a data base corruption during a system update. Our last valid backup is several weeks old so we are trying to recover all the information before having to use the backup and lose the last weeks of user information. We have had no success so far. I will keep you informed about this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

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Falua projects offline

We have a problem in our server. The projects are going to be offline until we fix it. We are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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